Photos of Karakit VJR

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The Health Centre and a new mosque was completed in 2002. Karakit VJR can be seen in the back (see arrow).


Access to the VJR is by sea from Kudat. This jetty is in Karakit town.


A ferry service between Bangi Island and Kudat is available daily at RM 10 one-way.


the Mukim Banggi office is situated in the small town of Karakit, near the VJR.


The small town of Karakit is about 1.5 km from the VJR.


There were strong elements of limestone vegetation in Karakit VJR. Nycticallus sp. can be seen in the background.


The straight bole of nyatoh (Palaquium sp.) is a common sight in the VJR.


Forest fire is a threat to this VJR. Efforts by the Forestry Department to plant teak is somehow thwarted by forest fire problems.