Intending contributors should send their submission to the Editor or Assistant Editors.

Manuscripts should be typed or printed on A4 paper, with double-line spacing and should include a summary for each title. The text need not conform to any special structure but all figures and tables should be submitted on separate sheets, clearly marked. References should be cited as "Primack (1984)" or "(Primack 1984)" in the text and listed at the end as "Primack, (New Series) 33 (54): 69-74". Journal or book names should not be abbreviated in the manuscript. Original artwork and transparencies should not be sent - instead, good copies of these should be forwarded, unless otherwise requested.

Manuscripts cannot be returned. Material published may be freely reproduced with acknowledgement, unless special copyright has been indicated.

For each paper published, 25 copies of the work will be made available without charge for the use of the author(s) when published.