Executive Officer

Penampang District Council

Peti Surat 80

89507 Penampang

Executive Officer: 088-711575

Engineer : 088-711686

Telephone Number : 088-711711/711712/711713/711538

Fax Number : 088-712588

Hotline : 088-724044

Executive Officer Soudi Samy
Asst. Executive Officer (A) Ag. Saifudin Hj. Jumat
Asst. Executive Officer (O) Ripin Hj. Suod
Engineering Presley Anthony
Account Janet P. Lajaip
Enforcement Nelson Johnivies
Health Augustine Jr. Abah
Valuation Freddy Chong
Landscape Elbert M. Staun
Chief Clerk Saniah Hj. Achil
Important Telephone Number  
Penampang District Office 088-711567/711004
District Engineer, PWD Penampang 088-726536
Fire Department, Penampang 088-715446
Postal Office, Penampang 088-711568
Land Office, Penampang 088-720931>
Drainage & Irrigation Dept., Penampang 088-711705>
Police Department, Penampang 088-712222
SESB Fault Complaint 15454
Water Department Fault Complaint 088-711767

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