Payment Counter Penampang District Council  Monday to  Wednesday 8.00am - 3.30 pm , Friday  8.00am -11.30am ,2.00pm- 3.30 pm .SATURDAY/SUNDAY/PUBLIC HOLIDAY - CLOSE
  • Address
  • Executive Officer
  • Penampang District Council
  • Peti Surat 80
  • 89507 Penampang
  • Telephone Number
  • Executive Officer: 088-711575
  • Engineer : 088-711686
  • Telephone Number: 088-711711/711712/711713/711538
  • Fax Number : 088-712588
  • Hotline : 088-724044

Penampang District Info

  • Penampang District Location
  • Area of Penampang District : 178.948 sq. mile
  • District population : 137,002 people (male : 69,418 people & female : 67,584 people). Information taken from Bancian Penduduk & Perumahan Malaysia year 2000.
  • Rating area of Penampang District Council : 5,695 acre (2,304.71 hectare)

The district of Penampang is abundant in places of interest to visit, for its historic and natural setting, such as Monsopiad Cultural Village, Second World War Memorial Monument at Petagas, Tun Datuk Hj. Mustapha Memorial Monument, Tinukadan Moyog Picnic Ground and Gunung Emas Highland Resorts. The proximity of this district from Kota Kinabalu City is one of the factors that attracts tourists especially for those interested to know more about the Kadazandusun Culture and Tradition.

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Interesting Place in Penampang District

Dongongon Town
Datuk Peter Mojuntin Statue
Tamu Donggongon