Barter Trading in Sandakan
The Barter Trading in Sandakan are highlighted as follows :-

  1. The enhancing of Barter Trading would generate more economic activities in Sandakan;
  2. The Government's efforts in assisting traders to improve the trading system and infrastructure facilities with regards to Barter Trading; and
  3. The awareness and preparation for the likely impact of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA).

Due to the Geographical proximity with the Southern Philippines, Sandakan is considered a Transition Point for foods entering into the Southern Philippines.

Monthly Value of goods entering into the Southern Philippines Average Around RM2 Million.

Bulk of the goods are not manufactured from Sabah but are from Indonesia or Peninsular Malaysia.

Opposite flow value of goods entering into Sandakan in between RM30,000 to RM40,000.

Though Barter trading is encouraged, the State Government would like to promote the trading of goods classified as legal goods.

Barter trading should not be used as a mode to trade illegal goods.

With the current push for Economic Cooperation among the BIMP-EAGA Member Countries, traders or potential investors should take this opportunity to visit our neighbouring region of Southern Philippines to explore untapped business opportunity there.

In order to spearhead trade cooperation between member countries, a BIMP-EAGA Council has been set up at the state level and a BIMP-EAGA Business Council has been set up at the regional level.

These Councils are private sector led. Its objective is to promote trade and investment cooperation as well to disseminate information on current Development and Policy changes in the BIMP-EAGA region to the public.

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