It began in the early 1957. The administration of Nabawan District was set up at Pensiangan Station placed under the Interior Residency Administration centered at Keningau. The distance between Pensiangan Station and Nabawan is 114 kilometer. In those days there was no road linking Keningau and Salung. From Salung the journey is by outboard motor propelled by power engine. The only means of transport was on horse back, otherwise on foot.

District Officers stationed at Pensiangan was provided with horse for use as transport in discharging their duties. Telephone communication used then was of the type " Telephone Direct Cable " where telephone lines were connected along the foot pathway from Keningau to Pensiangan. It was operated on a Roll System without the aid of electricity or battery.

Mr. I.C. Peck was appointed the first District Officer ( DO ) of Pensiangan in the early 1957.

The administration of Nabawan District Office was officialy transferred to Nabawan settlement Scheme in early 1974. The then USNO Government decided to grouped together and resettle the local communities mainly the Muruts of Pensiangan at Nabawan Settlement Scheme to render smooth and more efficient administration as well as to plan ways of uplifting and upgrading their livelihood and to make it easier to channel to them the necessary amenities and projects. Indeed it was an uphill task providing and giving projects to them they are scattered here and there.

The late Datuk OKK Sigoh Bin Singkunan was at the helm leading his folks out to the proposed new settlement. Despite of the Government's effort to resettle the Pensiangan Muruts to a more convenient and orderly ways of living, yet some still preferred to stay back in their respective villages at Pensiangan. The late Datuk OKK Sigoh Bin Singkunan's family was the first to arrive at Nabawan Settlement Scheme in 1969. To date the late Datuk OKK Sigoh Bin Singkunan is still remembered and much revered by his subordinates due to his courageous effort to take up the challenge shouldered upon him in bringing his men out of the verge of poverty, is not totally perhaps partly. However, time wears on and the new generations are about to forget their liberator due to many factors.

The efforts of the Government plus the undivided loyalty of the local populace now bears fruit. In 1998/1999, a new one storey Mini Secretariat was build and now the Status Of Nabawan District is upgraded and is administered by a Grade N.02 Officer, that is tha District Officer. With this promotion, Nabawan now is at par with the other districts in Sabah.

Translation by: MAN Staf @March 17, 2000.